vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

I see a yellow door and I want it painted beige...

Helllooo, i'm very excited!
Yesterday i painted the door of my "kot" (=> a kot is a flemish word that means, a place where a student lives while he/she studies)
next year i'm going to university and it's a while from home so during the week i'll be staying at my "kot".

The door was bright yellow, ( not beautiful, so i painted it beige, to neutralize it.)
I have a little bathroom, with one shower, a sink and a toilet.

And I sleep in a bunk bed, to save some space, because it's very little and in the future i want a sofa or something under my bunk bed, yes it's a bunk bed with one bed... It sounds funny but it's true though...

I only have one picture to show you my skills during the painting... ahum...
the picture isn't good quality either because i took it with my cellphone.

------- Do you go to university next year??--------

8 opmerkingen:

  1. good Luck with everything:)
    you have a nice blog. lot of inspiration. from look book en that stuff!
    i dont go to study!
    i work im a hairdresser! but i think its Fun to go study somewhere away from home do your own thing:)!

    good luck! XOXO

  2. haha nice! good luck. I didn't go to a university, I'm going to a ordinary high school haha x

  3. Have fun and it kind of looks fun like this as well!!

  4. Haha volgens mij ziet het er een stukken mooier uit als de deur beige is! Is het inmiddels al af? ;)

  5. Haha! You should keep it like this;)

  6. Een hele verbetering haha. Bevalt je studie een beetje???

  7. Haha nice, veel succes !:D

    x Sabrina